2023 Annual Report

The positive impact of the Alliance can be felt across La Plata County; whether within workforce development, housing, or broader, the Alliance is vital to our community. Our assets and efforts have increased significantly over the past few years. This growth is proof of the direction the Alliance is taking. We have doubled down both literally and figuratively on our primary objectives. The result was a tremendous amount of progress and programming and an even stronger commitment to our stated priorities

Agile Strategic Plan

As we embark on a journey into the future of economic development, the Alliance is proud to present our strategic plan that reflects our commitment to adaptability, innovation, and community impact. Over the past three years, our organization has undergone significant transformations to address the evolving challenges in economic development.

2022 Annual Report

In 2022, we launched numerous programs supported by grants, targeting workforce housing, development, and fostering a business-friendly environment to encourage entrepreneurial growth. This period represents one of the Alliance’s most active phases in terms of programming. The predominant challenges facing our community and membership—namely, attainable housing and workforce recruitment and retention—remained unchanged. Despite these challenges, the Economic Alliance made significant progress over the past year, actively contributing to solutions is well-positioned to further accelerate our efforts. Our public-private partnerships are stronger than ever and united in addressing community threats.