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Regional Housing Authority


As of November 2022, The La Plata Economic Development Alliance has entered into a contract to provide administrative support to the Regional Housing Alliance of La Plata County. We are very excited to work towards our mutual goals of workforce and housing development. Check back for updates on this exciting new chapter for both organizations.

About RHA


To facilitate, coordinate, initiate and support the development of appropriate, affordable housing for the critical workforce essential to the long-term economic sustainability and resiliency of La Plata County and its communities.

The Regional Housing Alliance of La Plata County is a Multi-Jurisdictional Regional Housing Authority (RHA) in conformance with Colorado Revised Statutes 29-1-204.5. It was created in 2004 by an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) between La Plata County, City of Durango, Town of Bayfield, and Town of Ignacio and is governed by a 9-member Board of Directors with two representatives from each of the parties to the IGA and one at large member appointed by the Board.

The RHA’s Mission is cultivating and sustaining communities through innovative partnerships and entrepreneurial housing programs.

The RHA board has developed an action plan that defines goals of:

Leadership – The RHA board established a goal of achieving political alignment from all four public entities and to regularly review any pertinent pending legislation. The board set goals to get elected officials out in front of the public and stakeholders for engagement through PSAs, news and media.


Staffing – The RHA board approved a scope of work, RFP & timeline for hiring a consultant to develop the structure of the RHA (priorities and staffing structure). The board identified the RHA’s ideal future as having a full administrative staff, led by an executive director.


Funding – The RHA board agreed to track state and federal funding resources to ensure no funding opportunities are missed. The IGA between the four public entities establishes a percentage based annual contribution for RHA operations.  The RHA board set a goal of funding at least two projects per year.


Development – The RHA board defined development goals as: creating a funding/development checklist that is trackable, supporting two or more development projects per year, and focused outreach to developers.


The fuction of the RHA is to affect the planning, financing, acquisition, construction, reconstruction or repair, maintains, management and operations of housing project or programs in La Plata County, including the incorporated jurisdictions, to:

  • Advise Local Governments of the Practical Applications of Local Housing Policy and Infrastructure Needs;
  • Ensure Compliance with the Authority’s Policies and Procedures by the Authority’s Project Participants;
  • Review Development Proposals that May Require Authority Participation
  • Facilitate Partnerships to Create Housing
  • Allocate Funds for Eligible Housing Projects
  • Facilitate the Establishment of a Housing Land Trust
  • Identify and Facilitate the Acquisition of Vacant Land that May be Developed for Affordable Housing
  • Identify Financing Opportunities
  • Propose Ballot Initiatives
  • Acquire Existing Housing or Other Real Estate to Assure Retention of or Conversion to Affordable Housing Stock
  • Acquire Land, Obtain Development Approvals, and, Issue Requests for Proposals for Private Sector and Non-profit Entities to Build
  • Develop New For-sale or Rental Affordable Housing; and/or Rehabilitate Existing Housing.