• Regional Housing Alliance of La Plata County

LPEDA and RHA Partnership

Strengthening La Plata County’s Prosperity through Collaboration

At the La Plata Economic Development Alliance (LPEDA), we believe in the power of collaboration and the importance of aligning our goals with like-minded organizations to drive positive change. One such collaboration that we are incredibly excited about is our partnership with the Regional Housing Alliance (RHA) of La Plata County. In this section, we explore why we joined forces with RHA, how our missions and goals align, and why we’re enthusiastic about this partnership’s possibilities.

Why We Got Involved with RHA:

At LPEDA, our mission is to create a vibrant and resilient economy by fostering business growth and preserving the quality of life in La Plata County. In the pursuit of this mission, we recognize that a thriving economy goes hand in hand with a healthy, stable, and housed workforce. This is where RHA comes into the picture.

RHA’s mission is to facilitate and support the preservation, rehabilitation, and development of appropriate affordable/attainable housing for the workforce essential to the long-term economic sustainability and resiliency of La Plata County and its communities. Their mission aligns seamlessly with our economic development goals because the availability of quality, affordable housing is a fundamental aspect of creating an environment where employees can live and work harmoniously. It directly impacts the quality of life, workforce development, and overall economic sustainability of the region.

Alignment of Missions and Goals:

  1. Economic Sustainability: Both LPEDA and RHA share a common goal of promoting long-term economic sustainability. LPEDA does this by fostering business growth and public/private partnerships, while RHA focuses on housing development to support the local workforce, which is essential for economic vitality.
  2. Workforce Development: At LPEDA, we understand that a skilled workforce is a cornerstone of a thriving economy. RHA’s mission complements this by ensuring that housing is available for the local workforce, making it an attractive place to live and work.
  3. Quality of Life: LPEDA’s mission centers on preserving the quality of life in La Plata County. RHA’s work contributes directly to this by providing access to affordable and attainable housing, a critical factor in enhancing the overall quality of life in the community.
  4. Public and Private Partnerships: Both LPEDA and RHA recognize the importance of public and private partnerships. LPEDA fosters these partnerships for business growth, while RHA may also engage in similar collaborations to support housing development.

Our Partnership:

We are genuinely excited about our partnership with RHA. This collaboration allows us to take a more holistic and comprehensive approach to community development, ensuring that housing and economic development initiatives are coordinated, well-executed, and responsive to the needs of La Plata County residents.

What the Future Holds:

Moving forward, the relationship between LPEDA and RHA will be marked by:

  1. Synergy: Our organizations are coming together to achieve more by leveraging each other’s strengths. LPEDA provides the administrative and programmatic support that RHA needs to pursue its housing mission effectively. In return, RHA’s housing initiatives contribute to the overall economic development of La Plata County.
  2. Shared Resources: This partnership fosters the sharing of resources, expertise, and insights. LPEDA brings economic development expertise, while RHA contributes its housing knowledge. By collaborating, we ensure that these resources are optimally used to benefit the community.
  3. Community Impact: Through collaboration LPEDA and RHA will create an enhanced impact on the La Plata County community. LPEDA’s focus on economic development will be enriched by RHA’s housing initiatives, resulting in a more attractive environment for businesses and residents alike.
  4. Economic Sustainability: By working together, we aim to create an environment where the local workforce can thrive. Affordable and attainable housing options will contribute to a skilled workforce, which is the lifeblood of a robust economy.


In joining forces with RHA, LPEDA is taking a significant step towards enhancing the well-being of the La Plata County community. We look forward to a fruitful collaboration that will contribute to the prosperity, vitality, and overall quality of life in our region. Together, we’re making La Plata County a better place to live, work, and thrive. The future holds the promise of a more vibrant, resilient, and economically sustainable community for all.