Paid Internships/Mentorships

Leveraging Career Development for Business Growth


Due to the remarkable success of Talent Development Program, funding from the Resiliency Grant has run out.
Unfortunately, this program in on hold while we seek another round of funding.
If you have question or are interested in supporting this program, please CONTACT US.

The Alliance has partnered with La Plata County, Fort Lewis College and Pueblo Community College to create an internship program meant to have an immediate impact on workforce development, existing staffing needs, and business growth.

The program enables employers to select and develop future talent. The objective is to find strong candidates and become familiar with them prior to making a full‐time offer. Employers have reported converting more than half of eligible interns into full‐time hires which expedites onboarding and creates a cost savings in recruitment and hiring process.

The internship program is 100% subsidized by the La Plata County Resiliency Grant that is being outsourced to the Alliance. FLC Career Services will administer the program for recent graduates as well as seniors for credit hours.

How does the Internship Program Work?

  • The Alliance will have a simple online interest application form for Businesses who want to find candidates for internships for hire. Organizations that qualify will then register with FLC Career Services.
  • Interns will go through the FLC Career Service Program and be paid $20/hour via the Alliance. This will be for credit at 150 hours if intern is not a graduate. Maximum subsidy per intern will be $3,000.
  • A Mentorship component will be created per intern that is either in the managing business or from FLC faculty and staff if skill set is outside of business core competency.  Mentorship will also be paid for by the Alliance.
  • Internship progress leading to potential for hire will be tracked with both business and FLC Career Services.


If you are an employer interested in participating in this program, please fill out this employer survey and we will contact you with more details.