2023 Annual Report

The positive impact of the Alliance can be felt across La Plata County; whether within workforce development, housing, or broader, the Alliance is vital to our community. Our assets and efforts have increased significantly over the past few years. This growth is proof of the direction the Alliance is taking. We have doubled down both literally and figuratively on our primary objectives. The result was a tremendous amount of progress and programming and an even stronger commitment to our stated priorities

2022 Annual Report

Looking in the rear-view mirror of 2022, it was a fluid year that allowed us to double down on our three major strategic initiatives: Workforce Housing, Workforce Development, and Business Capacity and Growth. We will continue to focus on how we make a difference in 2022, as we build on the foundation we have created.

2021 Annual Report

In 2021 the Alliance got back to in person meetings with record attendance and was able to host a live Summit again. We also made significant progress on La Posta development and worked on finding solutions for the workforce housing shortage.

2020 Annual Report

The Alliance spent the better part of 2020 focused on enabling the greater business community to respond and reopen as quickly and safely as possible.