Supporting Your New Employee and Their Family

According to the relocation trade association Worldwide ERC, approximately $25 billion is spent annually on corporate relocation. Recruiting costs are significant and there is a risk associated with relocating employees to the area. People may be hesitant to relocate for several reasons, including the fact that an increasing number of families depend on two incomes to support their households. This has become one of the largest challenges for recruiting key employees both here in La Plata County and throughout the United States.

To help our business community overcome some of these challenges, The La Plata Economic Development Alliance has developed a Pre-Location Assistance Program. The Program is designed to make it easier for firms to recruit and retain great employees and help retain them by integrating them and their families into our region. The goal is to help reduce the time, cost, and frequency of hiring for our local companies and help people find Durango jobs.

As part of this program, the Alliance has implementing a “Trailing Spouse” Initiative to help find employment, when needed, for spouses or partners of prospective employees.

How it Works:

If you are an Alliance member, you may participate in the Trailing Spouse Initiative. It is designed to assist in the recruitment of positions that are otherwise difficult to fill locally. Examples may include technical, specialized, experienced, or managerial positions. By participating:

  • You may submit the resume of a spouse or partner of a new employee at your organization who will be relocating here, or has relocated here and started working for your organization recently (the last three months) to the Alliance.
  • The Alliance will send the resume to all investors who have opted to participate. When you receive a resume through the Trailing Spouse Initiative, you agree to provide a “priority review” of a spouse or partner’s resume.
  • You must Opt in to the program to participate. Contact information remains confidential.

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