The Alliance is at the forefront of fostering growth and collaboration within our community. With an unwavering commitment to progress, we consistently organize an array of impactful events that bring businesses, innovators, and community members together. These dynamic partnerships amplify our reach and effectiveness by creating a vibrant networking, learning, and innovation environment. From workshops and seminars to groundbreaking summits, we are dedicated to driving positive change by connecting diverse stakeholders and catalyzing opportunities for shared success.

Alliance Summit

The annual Alliance Summit is an immersive experience bringing together thought leaders, innovators, and visionaries from diverse fields. A convergence of ideas, a celebration of shared wisdom, and a catalyst for transformative change. Engage in insightful keynotes, dynamic workshops, connect with like-minded professionals, and contribute to a shared vision for the future.

Membership Updates

Join us every month for our Membership Meetings, where innovation meets collaboration. At the heart of La Plata County’s economic pulse, these gatherings are the most significant meetings in the county, fostering a dynamic space where business leaders, government officials, and visionaries unite to shape the future of our thriving community.

Southwest Economic Outlook

Discover the pulse of our regional economy at the Southwest Economic Outlook. Presented by the Katz School of Business and Bank of Colorado, every January, this event features experts to dissect economic trends, providing a comprehensive view of what lies ahead for organizations in our community. We cancel our meeting to make way for this dynamic session that drives the economic conversation forward.

Housing 101

Dive into the essentials of housing with our Housing 101 series. From policy insights to community impact, gain practical knowledge for navigating La Plata County’s housing landscape.

Other Local Events

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