Newsline: Mike French to Step Down

The Alliance is pleased to announce a planned leadership transition. After four impactful years with the organization, our Executive Director, Mike French, will be implementing a succession plan. Mike will be handing over the reins to our Deputy Director, Sarah Tober.

Newsline: Alliance forming plan for early childcare

The Alliance has applied for $55,000 in state grant funding to address the significant childcare challenges in La Plata County.

Durango Local News Network on Catalyst Fund Round 2

Durango Local News Network Reports: The City of Durango plans to contribute $250,000 to the Housing Catalyst Fund to support housing projects in La Plata County, building on previous grants.

City’s Seed Investment Pays Off

The City of Durango has commended the La Plata Economic Development Alliance for the successful implementation of its Housing Catalyst Fund, initially seeded with a generous $250,000 contribution.

Newsline: Catalyst Fund Round 2

Recently featured in The Durango Herald, we’re proud to announce the second round of the Housing Catalyst Fund aimed at jumpstarting critical housing projects. The La Plata Economic Development Alliance is thrilled to share the latest update on our ongoing efforts to tackle housing challenges in La Plata County.

Newsline: 2024 Southwest Economic Outlook

Economists shed light on the economic landscape during the 32nd Annual Southwest Economic Outlook hosted by Fort Lewis College Katz School of Business and Bank of Colorado. Fort Lewis College economics associate professor Nate Peach highlighted concerns about rising living costs impacting economic sentiments, especially among the youth.

Housing 101 Series

The Alliance, in partnership with Project Moxie, is offering a three-part educational webinar series on workforce housing development. Find out more about this exciting opportunity.

Pine River Commons Ground Breaking

The Pine River Commons is not just a housing project; it’s a testament to the power of collaboration and community-driven initiatives. We invite you to read the full article by Christian Burney in the Durango Herald to learn more about LPEDA’s role in this transformative project.

Economic Dashboard April 2019

How is the economy right now in Durango and La Plata County?

Find out the latest on our employment, home construction, tourism, and other key measures of our local economic performance. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we can walk you through what the data means.

Local Economic Conditions

April 2019

Graph of Y-O-Y Economic Indicator April 2015- 2019

Economic conditions in La Plata County from Apr 2015 to Apr 2019.

Improved (+) 5
No Change (o) 7
Declined (-) 7
Improved (Declined) (2)
Current Last Month Last Year


(vs Last Year)

  Labor Force 32,189 31,494 32,039 o
  Unemployment Rate (%) 2.6 3.1 2.3
  Labor Force Participation (%) 56.6 55.4 57.1 o
  Job Openings 1,183 715 924 +
Construction & Housing
  New Permits (to Date) 22 16 71
  Value of Permits ($,000) (to Date) 129,829 125,008 31,095 +
  Home Sales 71 56 209
  Average Home Price ($) 499,750 496,764 486,673 +
  Earnings Needed* ($) 87,000 85,800 85,000 +
Travel & Tourism
  Enplanements 13,480 15,766 13,734 o
  Lodgers Tax ($) 55,452 43,493 61,323
  Train Visitors 3,895 3,818 3,737 +
Gas & Oil
  New Permits (to date) 0 0 52
  Production (mmcf) 0 17,176 23,948
Sales Tax, Durango ($,000)** 1,357 1,061 1,363 o
Commercial Sales ($,000) (to date) 3,414 1,389 12,153
Foreclosures (to date) 14 11 19
  Energy Use
     Commercial (mwh) 57,500 55,262 52,775 +
     Commercial Accounts 6,508 6,481 6,461 o


*”Earnings needed” is the household income necessary to purchase an average-priced home in La Plata County.

**Sales tax for Durango includes Use Tax.

Sources: Employment: Colorado Department of Labor and US Census Construction & Housing: City of Durango, La Plata County,, and the Wells Group  Travel & Tourism: City of Durango, Durango Area Tourism Organization (DATO), and Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad   Gas & Oil: Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission  Other: City of Durango (Sales tax and business permits), La Plata County Treasurers Office (Foreclosures),  and LPEA (Energy Use) (LPEA data is unaudited)