2024 Agile Strategic Plan

Over the past three years, our organization has undergone significant transformations to address the evolving challenges in economic development. As we review our previous Strategic Plan published three years ago, we are able to measure performance and draft our next plan.

In response to the unpredictable nature of today’s economic landscape, we have embraced Agile principles, allowing us to swiftly adjust our strategies to new opportunities and unforeseen obstacles. This strategic plan outlines our vision, mission, and key pillars – Business Capacity and Growth, Housing Solutions, and Workforce Expansion – that form the foundation of our commitment to the community’s economic vitality.

The Alliance Agile Strategic Plan has measurable goals and initiatives we’ve prioritized for the next 18 months. From educating our team on Agile concepts to fostering public-private partnerships for workforce housing, each goal is a stepping stone toward creating a vibrant and resilient economy.

Our success over the past three years positions us as a trusted partner and catalyst for positive change. This strategic plan is the first in a series that will foster continuous improvement and iterative progress.

Our Vision

The Alliance will enable La Plata County to be one of the most vital, vibrant communities in the country to live, work, learn, and play.

Our Mission

To create a vibrant and resilient economy through the recruitment, retainment, and growth of business to preserve our quality of life. This mission is achieved by workforce development, enabling business capacity, supporting affordable housing for the community workforce that is essential for long-term economic sustainability, and fostering public and private partnerships.

Key Pillars

Work Force Development Icon La Plata Economic Alliance

Workforce Development

We are committed to equipping our workforce with the skills, training, and resources they need to excel in today’s evolving industries. Recruitment and retention of a strong workforce will enable our businesses and economy.

Business Growth Icon La Plata Economic Alliance

Business Capacity & Growth

It is important that our local businesses can reach their full potential and opportunities for expansion. We seek to promote policies, partnerships, and facilities that will enable capacity for business.

Work Force Housing Icon

Workforce Housing

We strive to ensure quality housing options for our workforce, fostering a thriving community where employees can live and work in in the La Plata region.