Announcing Project RUN

We are thrilled to share a significant development in collaboration between the La Plata Economic Development Alliance (LPEDA) and Fort Lewis College (FLC) – the launch of Project Rural Upskill Network (RUN), a robust workforce enablement program.

Key Highlights:

  • Objective: Addressing identified skill-set gaps in Southwest Colorado’s workforce.
  • Micro-Certifications: Offering specialized courses culminating in digital badges, validating essential skills.
  • Funding: Successfully secured a substantial $1.2 million grant from Opportunity Now Colorado/OEDIT.
  • Industry Focus: Tailoring certificates to meet the specific needs of key sectors within the region.

Empowering Economic Mobility: LPEDA and FLC are taking a proactive approach to workforce challenges, ensuring local residents possess the skills necessary to excel in diverse industries. Fort Lewis College (FLC) and the La Plata Economic Development Alliance (LPEDA) have unveiled a transformative initiative, Project RUN, a Professional Certificate Program aimed at enhancing the local workforce’s skills and economic mobility. LPEDA Executive Director Michael French emphasizes addressing skill gaps as a key strategy to impact industries affected by workforce challenges.

The collaboration secured a $1.2 million seed grant from Opportunity Now Colorado, demonstrating a commitment to innovative solutions for workforce needs. Project RUN focuses on micro-certifications designed in collaboration with industry partners, addressing the specific skill requirements identified in LPEDA’s workforce analysis.

FLC President Tom Stritikus highlights the institution’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, aligning with Project RUN’s goal of serving regional adult learners by offering relevant certificate coursework. The program incorporates unique elements, including transportation stipends and childcare support, ensuring accessibility and equity.

LPEDA’s regional workforce analysis revealed over 55,000 job postings, emphasizing the need for skilled labor across various industries. Project RUN strategically targets key sectors like Healthcare, Finance, Energy, Manufacturing, and more, aiming to directly impact and improve the labor supply.

LPEDA is thrilled to partner with FLC in leading this innovative program, creating micro-certifications tailored to industry needs and fostering the upskilling and reskilling essential for a dynamic regional workforce.

Empowering Workforce, Driving Economic Mobility

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