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2021 Alliance Economic Summit

La Plata Economic Alliance
Sky Ute Casino14324 Hwy 172 North, Ignacio, CO 81137

As we are all are returning to work, things are going to be different. Many will return to
business travel and their offices as the world turns on again. In other cases, businesses
will retain their hybrid or remote models, both to cut costs and maintain flexibility and
productivity. In all cases, the previously gradual progression of tech in the workplace has
moved into high gear; for many, this has been an extreme transition.

So, how do we steam forward when we’ve discovered transformational elements that are
beneficial but have compromised the human element that is really critical for a healthy,
functional workforce environment? Rehumanizing Work sets out to provide answers to
this very question.

In order to facilitate this transition, leaders must focus on directing the challenges that
everyone has endured throughout the past year by making human engagement and
wellbeing of the workforce top of mind.

At the 2021 Alliance Summit, we will have a strong, healthy conversation with leaders
who have the ability to make some lasting beneficial changes to their organizations. Our
common goal is to enable the recalibration of our workforce to a new landscape.