Economic Summit Follow Up

Economic Summit Follow Up

Thank you to those who attended our 11th Annual Economic Summit in October. We look forward to seeing you again next year! As you plan for 2018 and beyond we would like to impart keynote speaker Kimber Lanning’s message.

“I’m not saying local ONLY I’m suggesting local FIRST”

Take action to foster economic health in your community and throughout La Plata County by sourcing goods and services locally when you need to make purchases, contract services or hire talent.

Want to know more about Local First issues and efforts? The Economic Alliance collaborates with many organizations in Durango and throughout La Plata County on a variety of issues. For example we are currently working closely with Local First on creating better local procurement procedures and drafting a part B addition to the Cottage Foods Act.

Find out more about Local First in our community. Call to speak with a staff member. 970-799-6618.
Attend the inaugural Local First annual member meeting, January 25th, 9-11am at DAC to discuss the “State of the Community”. This will be a great follow up to the dialogue at the Summit.

Visit Local First Arizona to learn more about Kimber Lanning’s organization.
Check out video clips from Kimber’s keynote address at the 11th Annual Economic Summit.

Visit The Economic Alliance and Move To Durango to learn more about us.

We look forward to working with you in 2018!

Thank You,
The Economic Alliance Staff

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