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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my firm support the La Plata Economic Development Alliance?

The mission of the La Plata Economic Development Alliance is to diversify the economy by helping to retain, expand, and attract companies that provide quality jobs for La Plata County. High quality jobs are a critical component to a region’s quality of life. Your support for the Alliance enables us to accomplish this mission through new programs that improve the local economic environment, support to existing and start-up businesses to help them grow and expand, and helping new business move to our region and grow here.


What are the benefits of membership for my firm?

Your firm’s investment in the Alliance will ensure a healthier local business economy, and greater support for businesses here as well as firms moving to La Plata County. Membership demonstrates your company’s recognition that a diversified economy and better jobs are a key component to our high quality of life. Membership also provides a unique opportunity to meet and network with your fellow business and community leaders in La Plata County. Finally, every member can participate in the monthly Investor meetings, receive timely updates from our director, and serve on committees to help further the Alliance’s mission.


Don’t the Chamber, Region 9 the SBDC and the Alliance all do the same thing?

The Alliance, the Chambers of Commerce, Region 9, and the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) all have complementary but distinct roles. The Chambers promote and support local businesses in each city through networking, advocating on behalf of business interests, and hosting special events such as lunch & learns that help build business knowledge. Region 9 serves five counties in Southwest Colorado and is responsible for regional planning and grant writing, and perhaps most importantly provides loans and gap financing for companies. SBDC also covers five counties and provides technical assistance such as information on starting and incorporating your business, advisers and mentors to help with your firms’ growth, business valuations, and market analysis.

The Alliance focuses on La Plata County and provides business assistance and programs that help make it easier to grow your business here. Whereas the Chambers focus on local businesses, the Alliance concentrates on firms that are here but do business outside the region (“growth companies”). We are also the only organization that specifically markets La Plata County to promote local growth companies and encourages other businesses to move here.


Isn’t the La Plata Economic Development Alliance a public organization?

No. The Alliance is a joint effort by the entire community- public, non-profit, and private alike- to work together to help build a better economy for our businesses and residents. Because of the vital role that the public sector plays in planning and entitlements, it is integral to have their participation and support to accomplish our mission. However, private sector contributions and support of key events comprise over 60 percent of our budget. Private sector members also hold the majority of seats on our Board of Directors. Private and non-profit organizations lead the strategy and direction of the Alliance.


Will my annual investment really make a difference?

Yes. Every increase in our budget means an increase in the marketing we can undertake, business programs we can develop, and retention and recruitment we are able to conduct. The more Durango and La Plata County is recognized as a great place to do business, the more quality jobs are created for our residents, and the more the quality of life of our community is strengthened.