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Telecom & Internet

Whether you work remotely from your house, or manage a company with multiple locations around the country and world, you know that wireless phone service and high speed internet are vital to get your job done.  From video conferencing, to cloud technology, to large data transfers, fast and reliable high speed internet service is as vital to your business as roads and utilities.

La Plata County businesses and community leaders have long recognized the importance of being virtually connected to the outside world.  As a result, today we have some of the most advanced telecommunication services in the Rocky Mountains.

Cellphone Service

La Plata County offers state-of-the-art wireless and cellphone service from a variety of national providers.  Coverage maps are available from all national service providers to let you see the types of data and cellphone service offered:

AT&T Coverage Area:

Sprint Coverage Area:

T-Mobile Coverage Area:

Verizon Coverage Area:


Most areas in La Plata County enjoy high-speed connectivity through an extensive fiber optics backbone. A variety of providers also offer advanced services including DSL, T-1 and T-3 lines, with innovative new microwave and satellite technology providing connectivity to even the most remote areas of the county.  To view a map of the FiberOptics lines, click here.

Here are a list of high speed internet providers in La Plata County.  If you would like additional information about service in your area, please contact us at the Alliance and we would be happy to assist:

AlignTec: Provides high speed internet services in Durango, Bayfield, Ignacio and surrounding areas.

Brainstorm Internet: provides DSL and high-speed wireless internet for home and office.

Cedar Networks: provides DSL and fiber internet to home and office, as well as VOIP.

CenturyLink: provides DSL and VOIP for home and office use.

FastTrack Communications: provides high speed fiber internet and VOIP service for small business.

Optimum Online: provides high speed internet service as well as phone and cable TV.

Skywerx: provides wireless internet access for home and business.

Local Technology Companies

La Plata County and Southwest Colorado have numerous IT service providers that can help with anything from internet service, to software, to online marketing and websites, to cloud services.  For assistance on finding an IT service provider who is right for you, please contact us and we will be glad to help you find a dedicated professional who can meet your needs.