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Strategic Initiatives

The La Plata County Economic Development Alliance has identified three Strategic Initiatives to work toward accomplishing over the next three years – 2015, 2016, 2017.

The Strategic Initiatives:

A New Terminal and Improved Air Service

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The Durango La Plata County Airport (DRO)

Why a new terminal? The Airport contributes almost $286 million to our economy.  The current terminal is too small for our 200,000 annual passengers and 15 flights per day.  A new terminal will help our region’s economic resiliency and enable better service for passengers, airlines, and general aviation.

What has the Alliance achieved:

  • Partnered with the Airport on a new, detailed economic impact study by industry and household.
  • Fostered regional partnerships across state lines.
  • Total amount committed in 2015: $21,700.


Industrial, small manufacturing, and business space is a much needed resource in La Plata County,

A New Business Park

Why a new Business Park? Businesses, particularly industrial firms like construction companies and small manufacturers, struggle to find affordable space to buy, lease or build.  This hurts the ability of our local firms to grow and create quality jobs for our residents and families.


What has the Alliance done:

  • Conducted an economic impact study of Bodo Park on our economy.
  • Secured a grant to undertake a feasibility study on the location, size, and implementation steps needed to successfully create a new business park.
  • Total amount committed in 2015: $57,500.



Tan areas of this county map will receive high speed internet because of Alliance and Region 9 Economic Development District loan assistance.

100% High Speed Internet to Every Home and Business in La Plata County

Why High Speed Internet Service? Homebased workers have increased to 10% of La Plata County’s workforce.  Affordable, high speed internet is vital for them, our residents, and our increasingly data-driven businesses.

What has the Alliance accomplished:

  • Helped pass local legislation to enable communities to partner with private providers to expand internet (SB 152 opt-out elections in November 2015).
  • Participated in a loan with Region 9 to expand high speed wireless internet throughout south central La Plata County and the Animas River Valley, which will reach 4,000 homes when complete.
  • Partnered with the Southwest Colorado Council of Governments and CDOT to develop a strategy for last mile service and gig fiber communities, as well as better access to grant money for implementation.
  • Total amount committed in 2015: $412,000.

If you are interested in getting directly involved in any of these Strategic Initiatives, we invite you to find out more about the Partners In Progress Campaign (CLICK HERE). Contact the Alliance: