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The vision of the La Plata Economic Development Alliance is to: “make La Plata County the premier Rocky Mountain community to do business.”  After interviewing over 100 firms and working with our key investment partners, the Alliance identified the following three goals as the most important for helping us achieve that vision:

  1. A new air terminal and more direct flights;
  2. A new business park; and
  3. 100% high-speed internet coverage of every house and business in La Plata Co.

In 2015 the Alliance committed almost $100,000 toward these initiatives and leveraged nearly $400,000 from our partners, resulting in almost half a million dollars being committed toward these goals. To continue financing and accomplishing our Strategic Initiatives, the Alliance has launched a capital campaign called Partners in Progress (PIP).  Any increase in your investment will be used exclusively to advance the Alliance’s strategic initiatives.


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How the PIP Campaign Works:

Any increase in your membership this year (2016) will be devoted to our strategic initiatives.  Additionally, a membership increase will go toward these initiatives for three years.  So a $1,000 increase in membership in 2016 would count as a $3,000 contribution over three years toward our strategic initiatives.

  • The Alliance’s goal is to raise $150,000 over three years toward the Alliance’s strategic initiatives.
  • No more than 10% of PIP campaign funds may be spent on staff time that supports strategic initiatives.
  • No more than half of PIP funds may be spent on any one strategic initiative without Board approval.


Benefits to Participants:

As a participant in the Partners in Progress, you will receive:

  • Special recognition on the Alliance website, in our annual report, and at the annual Economic Summit;
  • Regular email updates on initiatives;
  • The opportunity to assist on the initiative of your choice;
  • The opportunity to help identify next initiatives as the current ones are successfully completed; and
  • The potential to receive a higher level membership in Alliance if your contribution plus your regular membership puts you in the next Alliance investor category.

If you commit $7,500 or more over three years ($2,500 per year), you will receive the same benefits as above, as well as enhanced recognition on our website, thanks and acknowledgement through the Alliance social media (which reaches over 4,000 people regionally), an interview on the Alliance’s IDTV news segment, invitations to and recognition at key events for the initiatives (such as groundbreaking ceremonies), and a sponsorship of an Alliance investor meeting.

If you commit $15,000 or more over three years ($5,000 per year), you will receive the same benefits as above, plus an opportunity to speak at the Economic Summit (in 2016 or 2017), a radio interview on the Durango Chamber radio’s program, your company’s logo on our regular strategic initiative progress updates, and the opportunity to meet with Alliance VIP guests for the strategic initiatives.


Additional Details about the Partners in Progress:

As a contributor, you have the option to dedicate all or part of your funds to the initiative of your choice.  We ask for a minimum annual contribution of $250 in addition to your current investment to be a PIP contributor ($750 over three years).

At the end of 2018, your Partners in Progress contributions will stop and you will only be invoiced for your current investment level.

If you are new to the Alliance in 2016 or later, you may participate in the Partners in Progress.  However, we ask that you contribute no more than 50% of your Alliance investment toward the Partners in Progress (minimum of $500 to be both an Alliance member and Partners in Progress).

Download the Partners In Progress Initiative Flyer HERE

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