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Regional Taxes & Incentives

Colorado continues to rank favorably in national surveys of tax friendliness.  But La Plata County is even more competitive than the state of Colorado.  Contact us to find out more about how La Plata County’s competitive tax rates can give your business a leg up as you start and grow your company!


Corporate Income Tax

The Corporate Income Tax rate in Colorado is a flat 4.63%. This was reduced nearly nine years ago from 4.75%. Colorado now rank ninth lowest of all states that have Corporate Income Tax. For more information about Colorado taxes, click here.


Property Taxes

In Colorado, property tax is imposed at the county level. Commerical and industrial property is assessed at 29% of market value.   Residential property in La Plata County is assessed at 7.95% of market value.

La Plata County is home to one of the lowest property tax rates in the State and the Nation!  A recent analysis by the Tax Foundation found that, out of more than 1,800 counties surveyed, La Plata County had the tenth lowest property tax in the nation.


Sales Taxes

Sales taxes vary by jurisdiction.  Sales taxes will range from 4.9% – 7.9% in La Plata County, depending on where you shop.

State of Colorado 2.90%
La Plata County 2.00%
City of Durango 3.00%
Town of Bayfield 3.00%
Town of Ignacio 1.00%

Total Sales Tax in Bayfield: 7.9% (State, County, Town)
Total Sales Tax in Durango 7.9%
Total Sales Tax in Ignacio: 5.9%
Total Sales Tax in Rural La Plata County: 4.9%


Impact Fees

Most cities in Colorado use impact fees to recoup costs associated with new growth.  These fees help keep property and sales taxes lower for residents and businesses.  The City of Durango collects impact fees for streets, water, sewer, and parks.

Additional information for impact fees can be found here:



Economic Development Incentives

There are local, regional, and state incentives that can assist with a range of needs for your business, including workforce training, infrastructure, and financing.  To learn more, please visit our economic incentives page.