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Matt Taylor, Mercury Payment Systems

Matt Taylor, CEO of Mercury

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Head in the right direction with a relocation to Colorado’s stunning southwest where a sophisticated business culture blends with a superior Quality of Life. Residents enjoy rich outdoor activities that include skiing, golfing, hiking, biking, rafting, fishing, hunting, off-roading and more. But, it’s not just the outdoor activities that make Durango, Colorado attractive for relocating. With high-quality amenities for families and employees, an outstanding business environment, effective business resources and quality commercial real estate, Durango and La Plata County provide the perfect environment for great ideas. The area boasts impressive entrepreneurial success stories like Mercury Payment Systems:

Mercury Payment Systems was founded in Durango in 2001. The premise of founders Jeff and Marc Katz was simple: take advantage of the growth in Internet credit card processing by embedding payments into the point of sale (POS) systems and enabling local dealers to sell those solutions. Mercury’s innovation was two-fold: make it easy for merchants, and go to market exclusively with partners.

Mercury Village

Some of Mercury’s current space that will soon be available in Durango Tech Park.

Starting and growing a business is never easy, but being in Durango helped. Mercury was able to attract local funding from Region 9 when banks still considered Mercury too risky to invest in, and hire a high-quality workforce locally. The company could also sell to sophisticated local merchants in downtown Durango and nationally renowned businesses such as Parelli Natural Horsemanship in nearby Pagosa Springs. As one of Mercury’s first customers, Mark Weiler, CEO of Parelli, said “it was easy to work with Mercury because they were local, innovative and addressing a core need that the larger processors had ignored.”

As Mercury grew, Durango continued to play a vital role in the company’s success. In addition to Region 9 funding, the Small Business Development Center, Fort Lewis College, and a strong network of experienced business leaders helped the company. Matt Taylor, the CEO of Mercury, says that “we chose to grow Mercury in Durango because of the high quality talent we have been able to attract and keep. People come to Mercury because it’s a great company. They stay with us because Durango is an incredible place to live.”

Mercury Village - Under Construction

Mercury’s new headquarters are under construction along the Animas River in Durango.

Mercury’s strategy, the local business support, and quality of life have paid off. The Mercury Network includes 3,000 POS partners and over 80,000 merchants. They have over 400 employees in Durango and almost 700 nationwide. Most recently,  in 2014 Mercury completed a $1.65 billion merger with Vantiv, making them part of the third largest payment processing company in the United States.

“I spent years working in Silicon Valley and at first, didn’t believe that a large investor-backed company like Mercury could exist in Durango” says Randy Clark, Mercury’s Senior Vice-President of Marketing. “I am continually impressed by the caliber and talent that Durango is able to attract. Durango provides a young, energetic, and educated workforce, a real sense of work-life balance, and a supportive, engaged local government.”

Mercury moved into its new 80,000 square foot headquarters in May of 2014. This move has freed up ideal space for another businesses success story like theirs to move, grow and thrive here in Durango. So whether you are just starting your business, or you have reached a stage where you just know that it is time to relocate to a small mountain town in the Rockies, Durango is ready and able to give you the resources you need to grow as large as you can dream.